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Many accidents, perhaps even most, could be prevented if someone was paying more attention. Whether it’s a construction company that ignores safety regulations, a driver who isn’t paying attention, or a landlord who doesn’t properly maintain a building, carelessness causes accidents. Legally, this carelessness is called “negligence,” and the negligent party is responsible for any damage their carelessness has brought about.

Motor Vehicle Crashes

Car accidents can easily be caused by carelessness. Many people pay more attention to their cellphones, CDs, DVDs and fast food inside their cars than they do to the road outside. This can be a recipe for disaster. If alcohol is added to the mix, the danger increases exponentially. Property damage and personal injury may tragically move into the realm of wrongful death. The Central Valley-area lawyers at Bourdette & Partners can help you recover damages if you have been the victim of an automobile accident caused by a negligent driver.

Construction Injuries

Another all-too-common type of accident is that involving a construction site or construction equipment. Construction companies are responsible for the safety of their workers. If the company does not strictly enforce safety codes on the worksite, and workers are injured as a result, the construction company may be held legally responsible. Construction sites create countless scenarios that can inflict serious personal injury and even wrongful death. Based in the Central Valley area of California, the attorneys at Bourdette & Partners can help you to obtain compensation if you or a loved one has been involved in an accident. Contact our personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation by calling 559-409-4883 or filling out our online contact form.