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In the world of business, a myriad of disputes and disagreements can occur. At the offices of Bourdette & Partners, we handle breaches of contract, business fraud, insurance disagreements, employment discrimination, and other commercial litigation near Fresno in Visalia, California. We can also help your business in bankruptcy proceedings.

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract often requires a legal solution. A contract is a legally binding promise, and if it is broken, legal action can be taken. In order to be considered a legally binding contract, the promise must be exchanged for something that the giver of the promise values. For example, a promise of a gift is not usually considered a contract, since the giver of the gift does not receive anything in return. Some contracts are required to be written, but it is also possible to enter into a binding contract without signing a document. To find out more about contract law, or if you have entered into a contract which has been breached, contact Bourdette & Partners. We can help with this and other types of commercial litigation from our office between Fresno and Bakersfield in Visalia, California.

Unlawful Business Practices

The law protects consumers from unfair methods of competition and the deceptive acts or practices of any seller of goods. California Civil Code 1750 ensures that customers have legal recourse if any good or service they purchase has been sold to them under questionable means. Unlawful business practices can take many forms, from one business defrauding another to an individual falsely representing a product he sells to another individual. Our attorneys have extensive experience in commercial litigation in the Fresno area dealing with unlawful business practices, and can help you determine if you have a legitimate case.

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